GTDT 2004

Sixth Workshop


Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents


The workshop will be held on Tuesday July 20th in Davis Auditorium on the campus of Columbia University.

To make the schedule easier to read, I have only indicated times for sessions, rather than for individual papers.

Each presentation should be 20-25 minutes in length, allowing 5-10 minutes for questions.


9.00 - 10.30
  • Predicting agent strategy mix in heterogeneous populations
    Sabyasachi Saha and Sandip Sen
  • Knowledge condition games
    Sieuwert van Otterloo, Wiebe van der Hoek and Michael Wooldridge
  • Dynamic programming for partially observable stochastic games
    Eric A. Hansen, Daniel S. Bernstein and Shlomo Zilberstein
10.30 - 11.00

Coffee Break

11.00 - 13.00
  • A framework for sequential planning in multi-agent settings
    Piotr J. Gmytrasiewicz and Prashant Doshi
  • Notes on equilibria in symmetric games
    Shin-Fen Cheng, Daniel M. Reeves, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik and Michael P. Wellman
  • Computing approximate equilibria in graphical games on arbitrary graphs
    Vishal Soni, Satinder Singh and Michael P. Wellman
  • An optimal execution of autonomous agents with plans under time and resource uncertainty
    Aurélie Beynier, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib and Rich Washington
13.00 - 14.00
Lunch Break

14.00 - 15.30
  • On approximating the best decision for an autonomous agent
    Gerardo I. Simari and Simon Parsons
  • Multiagent preference aggregation using fuzzy quantifiers
    Ronald R. Yager
  • Preferences in qualitative conditional games
    Paul E. Dunne and Michael Wooldridge
15.30 - 16.00
Coffee Break

16.00 - 17.30
  • Stability of the truth-telling strategy in multi-unit option allocation auctions: Laboratory experimentation
    Atsushi Iwasaki, Makoto Yakoo and Masafumi Matsuda
  • Elicitation of user preferences by cross modality matching
    Peter H. M. P. Roelofsma and M. C. Schut
  • MacCOIN: Medium access control for wireless sensor networks based on collective intelligence
    Pieter Beyens, Karl Tuyls, Kris Steenhaut and Ann Nowé
17.30 - 18.00