GTDT 2006

Eighth Workshop


Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents

at the

5th Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

(AAMAS '06)

This workshop is a continuation of the tradition of prior successful GTDT symposia and workshops in 1999-2005.

Over the last few years game and decision theories have proved to be powerful tools with which to design autonomous agents, and to understand interactions in systems composed of many such agents. Decision theory has been adopted as a paradigm for designing agents that can handle the uncertainty of any moderately complex environment, and act rationally to achieve their goals. Game theory, building on the assumption that agents are rational and self-interested, has been employed in the design of mechanisms and protocols for interaction, coordination, communication, negotiation, coalition formation, fair voting techniques, market-based resource management systems, and industrial-scale information economies. Further, interesting recent results have been reported on the issue of mechanism and protocol design for bounded rational agents.

As a result, there seems to be much to gain from bringing together researchers interested in game theory and decision theory to present recent work on the application of these techniques in the construction of agent systems and to discuss the cross-over between the fields, and the Workshop on Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents provides a forum in which to do this.

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