Personal Stuff

So now you've got past the virtual shopfront, kick your shoes off and relax in the back-parlour where we use the second-best china and don't bother dressing for dinner. This is my place:

photo of simon's office

Well, my workplace. Well, my workplace of several years ago that I happen to have a picture of but is not my workplace anymore. Still, it gives you an idea of where I might be, and what I might look like were I to wear a coat on my head to avoid having my picture taken. Can you spot the pictures of the Jesus and Mary Chain and Sylvia Plath, children?

I could write down a bunch of things about myself as a means of explaining me to you, but that is far too easy. Instead, you can infer whatever you like about me from the following random(ish) information. Not an original idea, I'm afraid, but one I nicked from leek (who seems to have gone all reclusive these days). The idea is to give you, dear reader, a chance to exercise your brain and make a bid for inclusion in the reknowned useless pages at the same time. Neat, eh?

The last seven books I read (several of them in the `rather old, but better late than never' category):

For a change, all of these come highly recommended (I read a lot of rubbish I wouldn't foist on my worst enemy). Kerouac's letters are strictly for the enthusiast, and Snowcrash a little too cyberpunk for the average reader (though I have it on good authority that the Sumerian bits are real but nonsensical), but the rest are all well worth a go. And nobody should live their life without hearing about the Co-operative Cauliflower.

The last seven albums I listened to:

The mix is real, honest. When I wrote this I'd just been jaunting off to Houston and took all these on tape. Something for every mood. Worked better than usual, when I stuff my bag with tapes that fit how I feel at the time and then wind up not wanting to listen to them at all.

And here to break things up is a totally gratuitous picture of me (several years ago) waving an Easter Fax from Alessandro.

simon brandishing a fax

And back to the Rorschach-lists. Seven of the pictures on my office walls:

Seven slightly unusual objects which are currently residing on my desk: If that isn't enough, there's more....