An approach to using degrees of belief in BDI agents


An approach to using degrees of belief in BDI agents


Information, Uncertainty, Fusion, B. Bouchon-Meunier, R. R. Yager and L. A. Zadeh (eds.)


The past few years have seen a rise in the popularity of the use of mentalistic attitudes such as beliefs, desires and intentions to describe intelligent agents. Many of the models which formalise such attitudes do not admit degrees of belief, desire and intention. We see this as an understandable simplification, but as a simplification which means that the resulting systems cannot take account of much of the useful information which helps to guide human reasoning about the world. This paper starts to develop a more sophisticated system based upon an existing formal model of these mental attributes.



This paper is available as a Postscript file.

Other information:

This is a slightly amended version of the paper that appeared in the Proceedings of the 7th Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty which took place at the Sorbonne in July 1998.

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