A pinball machine is not required. As long as you have a system that runs FreeBSD and you have a QuickCam camera, it should work fine. It has been tested only on the B/W camera and expects to receive a B/W image.

Download a Unix Gzip compressed file that contains the project and documentation.

pinball-beta-02.tar.gz (1,246,630 bytes)

Also available is the older version, should something new cause problems.

pinball-beta-01.tar.gz (1,178,088 bytes)

Read the README file.

To uncompress it, copy it to the directory of your choice and do the following command:

gunzip -c pinball-beta-02.tar.gz | tar xpf -

You do not need a pinball machine for the project to run. There is a special player, called draw, that can track your right hand movement. You can touch objects on the screen and interact with them. If no data I/O device is connected, you must change in pinball/io/ADR2200.java the variable devicedConnected to be equal to false.