Instructions for homeworks (these hold for all assignments this semester). Please follow these carefully, as failure to do so will result in points being lost by you.

1. As indicated in the syllabus - homeworks are due on the due date and not later. Late homeworks will automatically receive zero points. I will still correct homeworks if you want to hand them in for feedback but I will not grade them.

2. Your homework must be legible and neatly written or typed. Homeworks which are illegible, full of scratch-work all over the place, random marks, cross-outs etc will be penalized. Sloppy preparation of a homework, in my mind, indicates a lack of respect for the class and the material and I will not feel any obligation to show respect for your efforts if that is the case.

3. Unstapled homeworks will not be accepted.

Thats it. Its pretty simple really. Hand the homeworks in on time, be neat, and staple them.

On to the homework:

Questions 1.7.4 (a), (b)

Questions 1.8.1, 1.8.3 (c)

Question 2.1.2, first diagram on top left of page

Question 2.1.3 (a)

Question 2.2.3 (a)

DUE DATE: Thursday, Feb 20th.

A general point:

These homeworks are intended to make you more familiar with the material and to provide you practice. Its a good idea to try other questions from the book as well since, the more practice you have, the better you will be in the subject. Also, practically, most questions on the exam will be similar to those given in the book, so its a good idea to try your hand at as many questions and exercises as possible from the book. Good luck.