Cricket; quite simply, the world's greatest game, bar none. I'm a fanatical fan that worships batsmen that play the hook well. If you want to figure out what that means, do check out Cricinfo, the most comprehensive site for cricket to be found on the Web. Unfortunately, cricket is administered worldwide by quite possibly the most incompetent sporting association in the world, the ICC. For sheer offensiveness, nothing beats the ICC. In the (southern) summers, I used to play in the North Sydney Suburbs cricket league (only "C" grade, thanks) for the Centrals Team.

I've got opinions and comments on cricket i.e., I blog on cricket. Check out The Eye on Cricket Blog. I'm also an invited blogger over at Different Strokes on Cricinfo.

And if your interest in cricket is philosophical, you might be interested in At The Boundaries of Cricket, a collection of essays on the philosophy of cricket, to which David Coady, John Sutton and myself (amongst others) are contributors.

I enjoy Tri-Nations Rugby. Check out Rugby Heaven for the latest on this competition, easily the highest quality international comp in any sport. I support all three teams--the All-Blacks, the Wallabies and the Springboks. There are no losers in the Tri-Nations.

Tattoos: Thinking about getting one? Check out Tattoos.com before you do.

Industrial music (not a very sophisticated fan, the usual thrash stuff is good enough for me). The Detroit Industrial Underground is an excellent Internet resource.

Indian classical vocal and instrumental Apropos the interest in Indian classical music, I'm interested in the sarod because I was born in Maihar, home of the Maihar Gharana.

Movies I've spent many an hour at the IMDB site. Especially useful are the review sections.

If you'd like to send me a gift, for whatever reason -I'm not picky, you could do worse than check out my wish-list.

I am an aviation buff; especially military aviation. My father (Sqn Ldr PC Chopra) served in the Indian Air Force (including the 1965 and 1971 wars) flying Mystere IVAs, Sukhoi 7s and Hawker Hunters. He picked up a gallantry medal for work in the 1965 war (dirty business like attacking heavily defended airfields at low level). Here is a photograph of the investiture ceremony. My brother Wing Commander AC Chopra serves in the IAF now, flying Jaguars (and commands a squadron to boot). Which naturally, means I'm interested in military history as well. A good site for Indian military history on the web is Bharat Rakshak with the focus for me (since I am the co-webmaster) being the IAF page.

A reasonably good web discussion forum is the Airforces Monthly Forum, though it gets hijacked every once in a while. Another good (though slightly more specialized) site is the Air Combat site. Jagan Mohan's IAF history site is excellent.

Recently our book on the India-Pakistan air war of 1965 was published. Check out the book page . You can order the book from the publisher's webpage or from Amazon. Be warned though, the Amazon copy will likely be more expensive.

Support file sharing on the web. Check out this article from Salon.com that tells you all about alternatives to Napster. And while you're at it, say 'boo' to the music industry for being so incredibly backward. Movie review link