The Sundry-Fingers-in-Various Pies Page

Public Transportation. All great cities need to have great public transportation systems. For New York City, check out Transportation Alternatives. Get on your bike - check out Critical Mass. And if you are concerned, ask the City of New York why it insists on treating bikers as criminals while tolerating foul, noxious automobiles. (December 22nd 2005: As the TWU strike winds down, its worth noting that the Mayor was keen to see people biking to work!). Now, in June 2007, we are seriously looking at proposals for congestion pricing in Manhattan.

Information on the Death Penalty. Isn't it interesting that pro-lifers are also the biggest supporters of the death penalty?

Boo to attachments in proprietary formats Link says it all. Thanks to Manuel Chakravarty for writing this up. I too, keep getting Word documents as attachments. But you can avoid using Microsoft Word if you want - use AbiWord. Or you could try out the OpenOffice software suite. (Their word processor lets you export PDF).

Help prevent spam mail on the net Spamcop is a great initiative for those interested in stamping out spam on the net.

Support Open Source and Free Software. Read what Eben Moglen , legal counsel for the Free Software Foundation has to say. You will probably find Richard Stallman quite thought provoking. If the issue of software freedom interests you, check out what the [frdm] Support SFLC Software Freedom Law Center is up to. Other interesting links can be found at Lawrence Lessig's page. And The Libre Society is, as they say, "committed to theorising the copyleft, free/libre and open-source movements."

An excellent collection of articles on free software (and related topics) can be found on the GNU Project's Philosophy page.

My cousin Priya Tuli maintains a wonderfully idiosyncratic blog. Check it out. I run a cricket blog titled Eye-on-Cricket and a free software blog titled Decoding Liberation (the name of a book that Scott Dexter and I have co-authored; Routledge published it in September 2007). In March 2007, I described our book in an interview at Microsoft's Open Source Labs.

Don't read Harry Potter books. Seriously. Check out the link to see why.

Matt Taibbi tells it like it is. Check out his writings at AlterNet and the Low Post, and ask yourself why more journalists in the US can't write like him.