Scott Dexter

Professor of Computer and Information Science
Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center
City University of New York

sdexter @t sci .dot. brooklyn .dot. cuny .dot. edu
718.951.5000 x2048
0113 N (basement of Old Ingersoll)

Fall 2017 office hours

T/Th 11:00am–12:00pm;
& by appointment

Current Teaching

CISC 3130: Data Structures


Official College Profile
Curriculum Vitae (August 2016)

Current Projects

The American Android

Supported by fellowships from the Brooklyn College Wolfe Institute for the Humanities and the PSC-CUNY Fellowship (i.e. sabbatical) program.

Book manuscript in progress.

The Diary of Harry Watkins

Critical (print) and digital edition of the 1200-page diary of a 19th century actor. I serve as Director of Technology, writing custom code for the Drupal-powered site, consulting on TEI usage, and writing XSLT to support transcription, proofreading, and publication.


Decoding Liberation: The Promise of Free and Open Source Software

Introduction to Programming Using Java: An Object-Oriented Approach (2nd Edition)