The MaxMan online game
MaxMan game information

Author: A.Namalu


Maxman is a simple and intuitive game suitable for all ages.

To play the game, click on Play button, and then whenever you confirm your target click the Shoot button.

You can check how you are doing by accesing your scores at the bottom of of the game window/page.
Should you want to take a break without losing your game, just click Pause button, and then the Resume button when you come back or whenever you are ready.

If you want to be a ninja increase the speed of the moving blocks by pressing the Enter key or Space-bar key on your keyboard.

Keep this up, and you could be the max man of the Week!

Rating: All audiences
Category: Shooting Games
Tags: fun, sniper, shoot
Launched: 03/16/12
Version: 2.0
Plays: 10 (today 2)
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