Computer Science I
Spring 2001
Assignment 1
due Monday 22 January 2001

The goal of this assignment is to make sure that you know how to perform the four basic operations in the programming environment which you will be using for the rest of the semester:

  1. creating and editing source code,
  2. compiling and linking your source code,
  3. running your program, and
  4. submitting your program.

This assignment is worth 1% of your semester grade.

For specific details about how to perform these steps in CodeWarrior, Borland C/C++ or LCC refer to the instructions which are linked on the class syllabus page.

1. Create a program containing the following source code:

#include <stdio.h>

int main( void ) {
  printf( "hello world!\n" );
  return( 0 );
} /* end of main() */
Reminder: your program file should be named <your-user-name>-ass1.c. For example, mine would be called sklarel-ass1.c.

2. Compile, link and run the program.
If it doesn't compile, link or run properly, then check that you have typed in the code exactly as above and that you have followed the instructions for these steps exactly as described in the document pertaining to the system you are using.

3. Submit your program.
You need to submit your program in two ways: electronically and hard copy. This process is the same for all homework assignments for this course.

3A. Submit your program file electronically. This is done by simply copying your source code file (ONLY the file named <your-user-name>-ass1.c) into the MC140.01 folder in my (sklarel) "Professor's Folders" folder on the OCF "federation" server (see quick and dirty LCC for instructions).

3B. Bring a hardcopy of your program file (<your-user-name>-ass1.c) to class on the day the assignment is due. If you have several sheets of paper, make sure they are STAPLED together (folded edges and paper clips have a way of getting things mixed up...). Make sure your name is on the papers you hand in!