Computer Science I

Spring 2001
Assignment 10
due Monday 30 April 2001

The goal of this assignment is to practise using files.

This assignment is worth 2% of your semester grade. For this assignment, you'll modify assignment #9 to print its output to a file instead of on the screen.

1. (15 points) Write your print function from assignment #9 (the one that prints all the instances of stuff in the to_do array) so that it writes to a text file instead of to the screen.

You must name your output file entirely in lower-case letters and use the following naming format: <yourusername>.txt, for example, mine would be: sklarel.txt.

The function header should look like this:
void printStuffToFile( stuff stf[],int size );

2. (5 points) Make sure you do the following:

3. Submit the assignment in the usual way (i.e., follow the submission instructions from assignment #1). Also, please bring a hardcopy to class, and please staple loose sheets together!