late policy.

Homeworks are due on the day that they are due.

In general, all homeworks will be due and submitted on Wednesdays, by midnight. This is clocked according to the time of your electronic submission.

Hardcopies should be dropped off in the CS dept office or brought to class no later than the Thursday (the next day) after the assignment is due.

Hardcopies without electronic copies will not be graded and will receive zero (0) marks.

Electronic copies without hardcopies will be printed by the TA's and will be docked 5%.

Sometimes, solutions will be posted on the web page after they are graded. Once a solution has been posted, no more late submissions for that assignment will be accepted.

However, we live in an imperfect world, so...
Homeworks handed in on the Friday (2 days later) will be docked 25%.
Homeworks handed in on the Wednesday (1 week late) will be docked 50%.

Exceptions and extensions are possible, but you must consult me on an individual basis. Circumstances must be documented and suitable arrangements will be made.