email phone office
Elizabeth Sklar 939 7021 Mon 2.00pm-3.00pm
Tue ~4.15pm-5.30pm (from after class)
Thu ~12.30pm-1.30pm (from after class)
464 CSB
Min San Tan Co (head TA)
Genevieve Alelis
Steve Briskin
Sage Choi
Yajia Fu
Peter Ottamanelli
Dali Plavsic
Anupreet Sethi
Adam Trilling
Gee Yee
Olga Zaitseva

CSB = Computer Science Building
SCH = Schermerhorn
ET = Engineering Terrace

Directions to 558 Schermerhorn:
Walk into Schermerhorn. Take the stairs one floor up to the 5th floor. Facing the elevator in the middle of the floor, turn right and walk through the doors (sign says "To Schermerhorn Extension") leading to a staircase. Follow directions to the Department of Earth and Evironmental Sciences (you have to turn a couple of corners but then you'll see a hallway). 558 is at the very end of the hallway on the right, next to the staircase with an exit sign.