submission instructions for all assignments.

You need to submit your program in two ways: electronically and hard copy.

  1. electronically.
    (1) Log into your CUNIX account.
    (2) Go to the directory where your cs1007 homework files are.
    (3) Inside this directory, run the submit program:
      unix$ ~cs1007/bin/submit
    and follow the instructions there! Note that all non-binary files (with a few exceptions) in the directory from which you run the submit program will be sent to us as part of your homework. So create a separate subdirectory containing only the relevant homework file(s) and run submit from there.
    Do NOT email me your assignment!

  2. hardcopy.
    (1) Print out the homework template cover page (, fill it out and STAPLE it to a hardcopy (print-out) of your program (the Java source code, e.g., the file named
    (2) Bring the cover page and hardcopy to class on the day the assignment is due.
    If you have several sheets of paper, make sure they are ALL STAPLED TOGETHER (folded edges and paper clips have a way of getting things mixed up...). Make sure your name is on all the papers you hand in!