how to test your applet.

  1. Create your applet and your html file in your cs1007/hw5 directory. Mine are and hw5eis2003.html.

  2. Compile the java file:
      unix$ javac

  3. Copy the class file (not the java file!) and the html files to your public_html directory (which is created automatically when AcIS creates your CUNIX account):
      unix$ cp hw5eis2003.class ~/public_html
      unix$ cp hw5eis2003.html ~/public_html

    (Note that ~ is a shortcut for your toplevel home directory.)

  4. Go to your public_html directory and set the file protections so that the class and html files are readable by all:
      unix$ cd ~/public_html
      unix$ chmod a+r hw5eis2003.class
      unix$ chmod a+r hw5eis2003.html

  5. Now you can see your applet with your browser, by typing the following into the Location: field in your browser window:

(For all of the above, substitute your CUNIX username in place of mine -- eis2003.)