instructions for creating the installation portion and submitting hw #56.

We discussed in class on Mon Nov 25 the usage of tar and gzip to create an "installation package" of a program. I'd like you to try doing this for this last assignment.

So, here's the optimal solution. BUT NOTE that if your code is arranged in some other way, then you can keep it that way. At this late date, you don't need to start re-arranging the structure of your code.
Now, back to the solution...

1. If you haven't already, set up a directory structure for hw56 something like this:

~eis2003/cs3157/hw56/ (or whatever)
  +- bin/
  +- data/
  +- include/
  +- javadoc/
  +- lib/
  +- src/
     +- RCS/
Your .java files and .c files will be in the src/ directory, along with your makefile.

2. Create your tar file and name it like this: hw56eis2003.tar:
unix$ tar cvf hw56eis2003.tar *

Obviously, replace my UNI (eis2003) with your own.

3. Zip up the tar file:
unix$ gzip hw56eis2003.tar

4. Finally, create a submission directory and put the tarred, gzipped file in that directory. Then run the submit script from there:

unix$ mkdir submission
unix$ mv hw56eis2003.tar.gz submission
unix$ cd submission
unix$ ~cs3157/bin/submit56

CS3157: Advanced Programming
Submitting homework 56
Do you want to submit these files?  y
Creating submission archive...
Compressing sumbission archive...
Mailing submission to cs3157...
Submission completed.
If you do not receive mail within 15 minutes, email

5. That's all!! Have a great break!!! :-)