last updated: Wed Sep 18 19:02:15 EDT 2002

    WE'VE GOT A BIG ROOM. Starting Mon Sep 16, we'll be in 207 Math. Come to my office Fri Sep 13 10am-11am and I'll sign overrides.

    I have JUST learned that contrary to what I was told, you do not sign up for recitations with the registrar. Apparently, you have to sign up with me. SO I'll have a recitation sign-up sheet in class on Wednesday.

  • 4 POINTS.
    Apparently, the registrar has listed cs3157 as a 3-point course, even though it is REALLY a 4-point course. SO, tomorrow (Tue Sep 10), she will have to remove the course from everybody's schedule and add it again in order to make the change from 3 to 4 points.

  • CS accounts..
    I was approached after class today by several AcIS people (who are taking the course) and they volunteered to try and install/maintain the tools we need on the CUNIX system. So if you want, you can hold off on signing up for a CS account and save yourself the $50. 

  • Greater New York Regional Programming Contest 
    Columbia is hosting this year's Greater New York Regional Programming Contest, and in preparation, Columbia ACM holding a contest Sunday, the 6th of October, for the Columbia community. Students who wish to know more about this should look at the following websites:                    

    Columbia ACM contest site

    Greater NY contest(held in Columbia)