how to run the electronic submission.
steps to completing your first homework.

  1. Log into your CUNIX account.

  2. Create a directory for your cs1007 files:
      unix$ mkdir cs1007
    Note that you type the commands in bold font; the "unix$" prompt is what the system displays.

  3. Go into your cs1007 directory:
      unix$ cd cs1007

  4. Create a directory for your first homework assignment:
      unix$ mkdir hw1

  5. Go into your hw1 directory:
      unix$ cd hw1

  6. Create/edit your homework:
      unix$ emacs -nw
    (substitute your CUNIX username in place of mine -- eis2003).

  7. Compile your homework:
      unix$ javac

  8. Run your homework:
      unix$ java hw1eis2003

  9. Go back to step (6) as many times as you need to until the program works just perfectly!

  10. Now, from inside your cs1007/hw1 directory, run the electronic submission program:
      unix$ ~cs1007/bin/submit [homework-number]
    and follow the instructions given!
Here's a sample run from the submit script:
unix$ ~cs1007/bin/submit 1

CS1007: Introduction to Computer Science
Submitting homework 1
Do you want to submit these files?  y
Creating submission archive...
Compressing sumbission archive...
Mailing submission to cs1007...
Submission completed.
If you do not receive mail within a few minutes, email