Spring 2002
Homework #1
due Thu Jan 31, by 6AM (electronically)

The goal of this assignment is to make sure that you know how to perform the basic operations in the programming environment which you will be using for the rest of the semester:

  1. creating/editing a program,
  2. compiling and running your program, and
  3. submitting your program, electronically (by 6AM) and in hardcopy form (bring to class on Thu Jan 31).

As well, the goal of this assignment is to learn how to WRITE and READ instructions carefully.

This assignment is worth 5 points (out of 100 the semester). Distribution of points is indicated below.

1. create/edit.
Create a program that outputs to the computer screen a set of directions for building a structure out of children's blocks.

Your program should be a Java application.

Use the formatting tips discussed in class so that your output is easy to read (0.5 points).
Your output should have two sections, and each must be clearly labeled (0.5 points):
(1) parts
(2) instructions

Each instruction must be numbered (0.5 points).
Each instruction must be described simply and should contain only one thing to do (0.5 points).
The parts list must be complete and described clearly (0.5 points).
Be creative about what you build, but not too complicated -- the total output should not be longer than 20 lines (0.5 points).

A Java program consists of objects (parts) and actions (instructions), and each action must be described clearly and simply -- so keep this in mind when you create your set of directions.

Here's an example:
Directions for Building a House

1 blue cube
1 red pyramid

1. Put the blue cube in the center of your workspace.
2. Put the red pyramid on top of the blue cube so that
   the flat, four-sided face of the pyramid rests against
   the top of the blue cube.

Name your file properly!!! (0.5 points).
Your program file MUST be named hw1<yourCUNIXusername>.java
For example, mine would be called hw1eis2003.java.

2. compile and run.
Compile and run the program. If it doesn't compile or run properly, then check that you have typed in the code exactly as above and that you have followed the instructions for these steps exactly as described in class.

3. submit.
You need to submit your program in two ways: electronically and hard copy. This process will be the same for all homework assignments for this course, so master it NOW.

  1. electronically(0.5 points).
    Follow instructions on the assignments page.
  2. hardcopy.
    (1) Print out the homework template cover page (http://www.columbia.edu/~cs1007/hw-template.html) and fill it out (0.5 points).
    STAPLE the cover page to a hardcopy (print-out) of your program (the Java source code, e.g., the file named hw1eis2003.java) (0.5 points).
    Make sure your name is on all the papers you hand in!
    (2) Bring the cover page and hardcopy to class on the day the assignment is dueand deposit it in the homework box at the front of the classroom within the first 5 minutes of the class (by 11.05am for the morning section and 2.45pm for the afternoon section).