instructions for creating the installation portion and submitting hw#5.

We discussed in class the usage of tar and gzip to create an "installation package" of a program. You need to do this for this last assignment.

So, here's the optimal solution.

1. If you haven't already, set up a directory structure for hw5 something like this:

~sklar/cs3157/hw5/ (or whatever)
  +- bin/
  +- data/
  +- include/
  +- javadoc/
  +- lib/
  +- src/
     +- RCS/
Your .java files and .c files will be in the src/ directory, along with your makefile.

2. Create your tar file and name it like this: hw5sklar.tar:
unix$ tar cvf hw5sklar.tar *

Obviously, replace my username (sklar) with your own.

3. Zip up the tar file:
unix$ gzip hw5sklar.tar

4. Finally, create a submission directory and put the tarred, gzipped file in that directory. Then run the submit script from there:

unix$ mkdir submission
unix$ mv hw5sklar.tar.gz submission
unix$ cd submission
unix$ ~cs3157/bin/submit 5

CS3157: Advanced Programming
Submitting homework 5
Do you want to submit these files?  y
Creating submission archive...
Compressing sumbission archive...
Mailing submission to cs3157...
Submission completed.
If you do not receive mail within 15 minutes, email

5. That's all!! Have a great summer!!! :-)