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announcements (2-may-2005)

WEDNESDAY MAY 4 is class DEMO DAY. All demos will take place in the CLIC lab. I've created a schedule based on the sign-up in class today. The schedule is posted here.

announcements (2-may-2005)

The FINAL EXAM is TODAY during the normal class period in the normal classroom:
Monday, May 2, 2005, 1.10pm-2.25pm, in 602 HAMILTON

announcements (25-apr-2005)

Please check for recent updates and clarifications for the HW4 assignment. The top of the assignment page notes in red what changes have been made and when I posted them.

The most important aspect relates to how to deal with the global movies.dat file and the images it refers to:

ALSO check out hints on how to write a good README.

announcements (21-apr-2005)


announcements (19-apr-2005)

check the syllabus page for monday april 18 for code that explains the constructor/destructor issues that came up in class. compare these programs (array3a.cpp and array4a.cpp) with the versions from the previous week (array3.cpp and array4.cpp).

announcements (05-apr-2005)

HOMEWORK 3 has been posted here. It is due TUESDAY APRIL 19.

announcements (04-apr-2005)

How many GRACE HOURS do you have left?

You can find out by running this script (when logged into your CS account):
   ~cs3157/bin/my-gracehrs-used.pl sklar
(substitute your CS USERNAME for "sklar")

announcements (28-mar-2005)

1. EXAM #2
The second midterm is on Wednesday March 30. Attend the section which corresponds to the lab section for which you are registered. The locations for the exam are:
MORNING section: 10.25am-12.25pm in room 337 MUDD
AFTERNOON section: 12.25pm-2.25pm in room 403 IAB
The usual rules apply -- you can use ONE page of notes and you cannot use any electronic devices. The material on the exam will include C, regular expressions (in sh and perl), sh scripts, unix filters (cut, grep, sed, sort, wc) and basic makefiles (as we did in class today).

In response to an unusual number of queries and issues, I have posted my submission policy in order to clarify explicitly the types of confusion people seem to be having this term understanding what is expected with labs and homework assignments.

announcements (21-mar-2005)

for clarification from class today regarding regular expressions, click here

announcements (10-mar-2005)

hw2 has been posted! it is due tuesday march 29.

announcements (28-feb-2005)

if you can't get c++ core language, then try getting this:
Ray Lischner. (2003) C++ in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference, 1st Edition (isbn 0-596-00298-X) publisher: O'Reilly.
here it is at oreilly.com
I have ordered this at Labyrinth and it will hopefully be here before Spring Break. You will need a C++ book starting after Spring Break.

announcements (22-feb-2005)

HW #1 notes
1. when referencing URLs (as images or action locations in forms), please make sure you use LOCAL references (i.e., not fully qualified paths, but just the file names assuming everything is in the same directory).
2. your code that processes the movies.dat file should be able to accommodate comments -- lines where the first character is an # (your code can just skip over such lines.)

EXAM #1 is WED FEB 23.
AM (section 002): 10.25am-12.25pm 20 seats 337 MUDD
PM (section 001): 12.25pm-2.25pm 60 seats 207 MATH

as discussed in class on monday, the exam will cover ALL material from the beginning of the term, including what we covered in monday's class. you can bring ONE page of notes (8.5x11"); double sided is okay; any size font you want. NO electronic devices will be allowed.

announcements (14-feb-2005)

hw1 has been posted! it is due tuesday march 1.

announcements (26-jan-2005)

announcements (16-jan-2005)
  1. cs3157 has a lecture that meets on mondays at 1pm and a lab that meets on wednesdays. you must register for a lab (coms-w3257). there are two sections:
    coms-w3257-002: wed 10.25am-12.25pm, in the clic lab (486 CSB)
    coms-w3257-001: wed 12.25pm-2.25pm, in the clic lab (486 CSB)
  2. the first lecture will be held on monday jan 24.
    the first lab will be held on wednesday jan 26.
  3. you must get a Computer Science Department CRF Computer Account for this class. NOTE that it takes a day or so to process new accounts, so please apply early!
    you will need this account before the first lab on january 26.
    click here to apply for a CS account

i hope you enjoy the semester and learn many cool and useful programming tools and techniques. please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. email is by far the best way to reach me: sklar@cs.columbia.edu

--prof elizabeth sklar.