cs3157 information

section 001: mondays, 1.10pm-2.25pm, in 602 HAMILTON

section 001: wednesdays, 10.25am-12.25pm, in the CLIC lab
section 002: wednesdays, 12.25pm-2.25pm, in the CLIC lab
(you should be registered for coms-w3257 in addition to coms-w3157)
Directions to the CLIC lab can be found here.

computer account:
you must get a Computer Science Department CRF Computer Account for this class. NOTE that it takes a day or so to process new accounts, so please apply early!
you will need this account before the first lab on january 26.
click here to apply for a CS account

Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. (2004) The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition (isbn 0131103628) publisher: Prentice Hall PTR.
here it is on amazon.
Gregory Satir and Doug Brown. (2004) C++ The Core Language, (isbn 156592116X) publisher: O'Reilly.
here it is on amazon.
if you can't get c++ core language, then try getting this:
Ray Lischner. (2003) C++ in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference, 1st Edition (isbn 0-596-00298-X) publisher: O'Reilly.
here it is at oreilly.com

i've ordered both books at labyrinth books (112th street between broadway and amsterdam).

course description:
this course is an advanced programming course. the idea is to give you practical, hands-on experience at advanced programming tasks. we'll introduce you to perl, c and c++, under the assumption that you have already mastered java (if not, then you don't belong in this course). in addition, you will get to learn some unix tools and tricks, a bit about shell programming and maybe some web-based programming skills.

you need to have taken cs1007 or cs1009 in order to take this class. you should be familiar with the unix environment.

your course grade will be made up of the following components, out of 100 points: