cs3157 late policy

homeworks and labs are due on the day that they are due.

here are the rules. please know them well.

  1. all homeworks must be submitted electronically on the due-date at 6am.
    all labs must be submitted electronically on the friday morning 2 days after they are assigned at 6am.

  2. without an electronic copy, you will not receive a grade for the assignment.

  3. submission time is recorded as the time you submit electronically.

  4. be aware that the system tends to get clogged when too many people try to submit at the same time. so avoid a late penalty and don't submit too close to the 6am deadline!

  5. you have a total of 50 hours grace time for lateness of assignments (both homeworks and labs). this may be used up all at once or split between several assignments.

  6. after 50 hours, for EACH LATE assignment, the following penalty applies:
    submitted late
    by more than
    but less than
    or equal to
    50 hours* 75 hours 10%
    75 hours 100 hours 25%
    100 hours 7 days (@6am) 50%
    7 days (@6am) 10 days** (@6am)75%

    *if you exceed the 50 hours grace time allowed for the semester, then your penalty for up to 75 hours late is 10%.

    **after 10 days late, i won't accept it any more.

    this means that if you hand in a 10-point homework 60 hours late, then you will lose 10% of the marked assignment. so if you get a 10/10 for the work on the assignment, you will receive 9 points. if you receive 9/10 for the work on the assignment, you will receive 8.1 points (= 9 - 10% * 9 = 9 - 0.9 = 8.1).

exceptions and extensions are possible, primarily based on documented medical emergencies. you must consult me via email on an individual basis, and suitable arrangements will be made.

--prof sklar.