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welcome to alife! (CSc 84200)


  1. The project description has been posted. (25-oct-2005)

  2. Ali came across a nice GA tutorial. Have a look! (19-oct-2005)

  3. Week ending Sep 2. (03-sep-2005)
    • Papers for this week and list of presenters have been posted on the syllabus page.
    • I have posted some brief presentation guidelines.
    • I have also posted Duane Bailey's Letter to Research Students.
    • STARTING ON SEP 8, CLASS WILL MEET 10am-12noon in room 4421.

I hope you enjoy the semester and learn many cool things about artificial life! Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. Email is by far the best way to reach me:

--Professor Elizabeth Sklar.