James Bond Meets The 7 Layer OSI Model

Part 2 of 3

James Bond meets Number One on the 7th floor of the spy headquarters building. Number One gives Bond a secret message that must get through to the US Embassy across town.

Bond proceeds to the 6th floor where the message is translated into an intermediary language, encrypted and miniaturized.

Bond takes the elevator to the 5th floor where Security checks the message to be sure it is all there and puts some checkpoints in the message so his counterpart at the US end can be sure he’s got the whole message.

On the 4th floor, the message is analyzed to see if it can be combined with some other small messages that need to go to the US end. Also if the message was very large it might be broken into several small packages so other spies can take it and have it reassembled on the other end.

The 3rd floor personnel check the address on the message and determine who the addressee is and advising Bond of the fastest route to the Embassy.

On the 2nd floor the message is put into a special courier pouch (packet). It contains the message, the sender and destination ID. It also warns the recipient if other pieces are still coming.

Bond proceeds to the 1st floor where Q has prepared the Aston Martin for the trip to the Embassy.

Bond departs for the US Embassy with the secret packet in hand. On the other end the process is reversed. Bond proceeds from floor to floor where the message is decoded.

The US Ambassador is very grateful the message got through safely.

"Bond, please tell Number One I’ll be glad to meet him for dinner tonight."