lectures and labs:
section: MR12B
schedule: M,TH 12:15PM-1:30PM
room: 3214 N
professor:SKLAR, E
NOTE that some labs will be held in room 383 in the Library. See the syllabus page for specific dates.

computer account:
It will be helpful if you have access to a computer and the internet for this class, though it is not required. You can use the public machines in the library or the WEB building.

A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science
by David Reed
publisher: Prentice-Hall (2004)
ISBN: 013046709X

Here it is on Amazon.

additional course materials:
Course lecture notes, additional readings and multi-media sources will be available on-line.

course description:
The nature, power and limits of the computer and computing. The components of the computer. Information representation. Computer networks, the Internet, and the World Wide Web.The nature of algorithms, problem-solving, and computer programming. Feasibility and computability. Computer and network security and privacy. (Not open to students who are enrolled in, or have completed, any course in Computer and Information Science, other than CIS 5.2, numbered 1. 0 or higher with a grade of C or higher, or who have completed Core Studies 5 or 5.1.)

schedule of topics:

A1 & 2 Introduction to Computers and Networks
B3 & 4 Algorithms and Computer Languages
C5 & 6 Data Representation and Storage
D7 & 8 Event-driven programming
E9 & 10 Solvability and Feasibility
F11 & 12Programmer-defined functions
G13 & 14Security, Privacy, Encryption and Plagiarism


The course grade will be made up of the following components, out of 100 points: