lectures and labs:
section: MY10
schedule: Mon and Thu 10:50AM-12:30PM
room: 4411 N (old Ingersoll)
professor:SKLAR, E

computer account:
You will need to have access to a computer with UNIX for this class (for example, Linux or Mac OS-X). If you don't have one, you can apply for a UNIX account and use the public machines in the library or the WEB building. In class, we will use Mac laptops and the OS-X UNIX-based operating system.

C++ by Dissection
by Ira Pohl
publisher: Addison Wesley (2001)

Here it is on Amazon .

additional course materials:
Course lecture notes, additional readings and multi-media sources will be available on-line.

course description:
A second course in programming. Advanced programming techniques emphasizing reliability, maintainability, and reusability. Module design and multi-file programs. Abstract data types. Objects, classes, and object-oriented design. Storage class and scope. Addresses, pointers, and dynamic storage allocation. Test suites, test drivers, and testing strategies; debugging, assertions, and an introduction to formal techniques. Recursion and function parameters.
(Not open to students who are enrolled in or have completed cis22.)

schedule of topics:

I Fundamentals
II Classes
IIISpecifications and Testing
IV Pointers and Memory
V Object-oriented programming
VI Recursion


The course grade will be made up of the following components, out of 100 points: