lectures and labs:
section: MR9
schedule: Mon and Thu 9:25AM-10:40AM
room: Mon: 232 NE (New Ingersoll)
Thu: 130 NE (New Ingersoll)
professor:SKLAR, E

computer account:
You will need to have access to a computer and the internet for this class. If you have a laptop, you can bring one to the labs. If not, you should use the public machines in the library or the WEB building to complete your assignments.

There is no textbook for this class. Some handouts will be provided, along with pointers to many web sites that you can use for reference.

additional course materials:
Course lecture notes, additional readings and multi-media sources will be available on-line.

course description:
Introduction to topics from diverse areas of computer and information science in an application-oriented context. Design, development, implementation and testing of a web-based, data-backed interactive application, such as an educational game or an e-commerce site. Human-computer interaction (HCI), graphics programming, net-centric computing, and software design. Learning code development by example, modification of instructor-authored code and independent code authoring. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and state-of-the-art tools to design and partially prototype systems. Open-source technologies and their relationship to commercial technologies currently popular in workplaces. Application of fundamental computer skills and knowledge to rapidly changing job-specific technologies, tools and environments. Hands-on system development. Students should be prepared to take cis20.2 in the following semester. It is recommended that students have taken cis22 (or are taking it concurrently).

schedule of topics:

I Interfaces
II Graphics
IIINet-centric Systems
IV Software Design


The course grade will be made up of the following components, out of 100 points: