presentation guidelines

You will be required to be a discussion leader once during the term.

Note that your preparation as discussion leader is worth 10 points (10%) toward your term grade.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. reading response
    Make sure that you do your reading response. Answer all the questions thoroughly. Since everyone else is supposed to do this too, thinking about these questions a few days ahead of time will give you some preparation. Take several points of view--- for example, think about answering the contribution question from both positive and negative perspectives.
  2. leading questions
    Come up with 3-5 "leading questions" about the article---questions that you think (hope!) will get your classmates' minds going and stimulate some conversation in the class. Relate the article to the textbook reading for the day, as well as textbook chapters and articles from previous days.
  3. multi-media materials
    Can you find any multi-media materials (e.g., video clips) that are relevant to the article and would be interesting for the class to watch? If yes, either bring them to class on a laptop or flash drive, or email the links to me ahead of time so I can download them and have them ready in class.
    Movies and demonstrations tend to help keep people awake and interested. :-)

And here are some hints:

10 points total
Please send me your presentation in PDF format.