project guidelines

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The term project can be one of the following:

  1. a research report following up on one of the papers that we read and discussed in class, or
  2. a research report on a particular area of real-world applications of agent-based or multi-agent systems that are in use today, or
  3. an applied report in which you build some software to expand on someone's work that we discussed in class.

The term project has three parts:

  1. abstract (due Nov 4)
  2. oral presentation (in class on Dec 3 or Dec 10)
  3. written report (due Dec 10)



The abstract is due by midnight on Nov 4, submitted to Prof Sklar by email. The abstract should be a one-paragraph description of your project, 200 words or less. PDF format is preferred. The abstract should identify which type of project you are planning to do (A, B, or C, as above), and which paper or application or piece of work you are planning to research.


oral presentation

The oral presentation will be given in class on one of the following dates: Dec 3 or Dec 10. The presentation should last approximately 20-30 minutes and should include slides and any other kind of audio/visual media that will help convey your project to the class. If you've chosen project type C, a software demonstration would be appropriate.


written report

The written report is due on the last day of class, December 10. Please bring a hardcopy to class and also email a softcopy to Prof Sklar. PDF format is preferred.

The written report should be written and formatted like a conference paper. Use the AAMAS 2009 conference paper format, which can be found here:
Look under the section entitled PAPER FORMATS for templates for LaTeX2e, Word and other word processing software. Follow the instrutions for regular papers (not extended abstracts) except you should ignore the instructions for making your paper ready for "blind review"; i.e., please put your name on it!

Your paper should be a maximum of 8 pages in length, and a minimum of 4 pages (two columns). Your paper should be written in good English, with careful attention paid to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Your paper should include the following sections:



The term project is worth 40 points, or 40% of your term grade.