welcome to introduction to multi-media computing!



Class on Wednesday October 7 will be held in the CIS Department's Multimedia Computing Lab, room 5301 Ingersoll.
The room is a bit hard to find because the 5th floor of Ingersoll does not extend the full length of the building and can only be accessed from the middle two stairwells (labeled B and C) or the middle elevator. A map is shown on the right. (click image to enlarge)


You need to create an archive of the files you are submitting, and then email the archive to me.

If you are using a PC, please use WinZip (not WinRar) to create the archive. WinZip is a Shareware program which you can download from here, if it is not already installed on your Windows machine.

If you are using a MAC, you can use the File - Create Archive utility in the Finder. Simply highlight all the files you want to include in the archive by clicking once on each file's icon while holding down the Apple key. Then from the Finder, click on File - Create Archive and an archive file will be created called Archive.zip. (click image to enlarge)

NOTE: The following class sessions will be held in ROOM 384 L, the multimedia classroom in the Library, on the third floor:

During the semester, any announcements for the class will be placed here.

I hope you enjoy the semester and learn many cool things about multi-media computing! Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. Email is by far the best way to reach me: