cis3.2 homework #4


  • The homework is due in class (hardcopy) on MONDAY APRIL 24.

  • This homework is worth 10 points in total. The distribution of points is indicated below.
  • The homework involves creating your own Case Study, similar to what we have discussed in class.
    1. (2 points) find your company in the news.
      Select a company that uses e-commerce to do business. Find a recent news article about your company, for example from the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal or a magazine like Time, Newsweek, Economist, etc. Include a copy (xerox is okay) of the article with your homework submission. Briefly outline the news article and explain why the company is in the news.

    2. (2 points) investigate the use of e-commerce at your company.
      What does the company do? How does the company use e-commerce with its business? What is the company's e-commerce business model? Is the company click-and-mortar or only on-line? Find out something about your company's mission and history. Does it exist just because of the internet? Or was it around before the internet? How has the internet changed your company (or created a market for your company)?
    3. (2 points) discuss your company's web presence.
      What is the company's URL? What is the purpose of the web site (e.g., e-tail, e-service, information, etc.)? What are the strengths of the web site? What are the weaknesses of the web site? Critique your company's web site, explaining how the site is used. Include your personal review of the site: is it visually appealing? Is it easy (or hard) to find pertinent information on the site?
    4. (2 points) find your company's competition.
      Who is your company's competition? Locate at least two other companies in the same market segment as your company. List their names and, for each, briefly explain how and why they are competitors to your company.
    5. (2 points) examine your company's privacy policy.
      Does your company have a privacy policy? What is it? Is it posted on their web page in an obvious place? Do you think their policy is sufficient?