cis3.2 homework #5


  • The homework is due by 6AM on WEDNESDAY MAY 10.

  • This homework is worth 5 points in total. The distribution of points is indicated below.

  • The homework involves some simple exercises with the sample content management systems which I installed for the class to use.

  • Refer to the notes from Thursday April 27.

  • Here are the five parts to the assignment:
    1. (2 points) Log into the CMS Made Simple demo site:
      (username = guest, password = cis3.2)
      Go to Content, Pages and create your own page: click on Add New Content, set "Parent" to 14. people, and place your description in the "Content" text area. Don't forget to give the page your name! Then click on Submit.
      Click on View Site (horizontal menu on the top) to see your results.

    2. (1 point) Log into the Wordpress demo site:
      (username = guest, password = cis3.2)
      Click on Write (horizontal menu on the top) and create your own post. Make sure you sign your post with your name so you'll get credit for it!

    3. (1 point) On the Wordpress demo site, add a "Comment" to an existing post. Make sure to sign your comment with your name so you'll get credit for it.

    4. (1 point) Log into the Zencart demo site:
      (username = guest, password = cis3.2)
      Go to Catalog, Categories/Products and enter a new product. Make sure to put your name in the "Product Description" field

  • NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT ANYTHING TO ME BY EMAIL!!! Just make sure that you have put your name as indicated for each step above. I will give you credit based on what is posted on the web sites.