lectures and labs:
This course has been declared a TUTORIAL due to low enrollment.
The group will meet once a week:
schedule: Mon 2.30pm-3.45pm
room: 4412 N (Ingersoll)
professor:SKLAR, E

computer account:
You will need to have access to a computer and the internet for this class. If you have a laptop, you can bring one to the labs. If not, you should use the public machines in the library or the WEB building to complete your assignments.

There is no textbook for this class. Some handouts will be provided, along with pointers to many web sites that you can use for reference.

additional course materials:
Course lecture notes, additional readings and multi-media sources will be available on-line.

course description:
Continuation of CIS 20.1. Emphasis on building and testing a system designed and prototyped in CIS 20.1. Emphasis on software development, database systems, intelligent systems and software engineering. This course should be taken in the semester after CIS 20.1.

schedule of topics:

I Software Development
II Database Systems
IIIIntelligent Systems
IV Software Engineering


Students will build a comprehensive term project throughout the course of the semester, which will comprise the term grade. The term/project grade will be assessed in multiple components during the term. See the assignments page for details.

Attendance is required.