cis3.5 - spring 2009 - lab I.2
converging on (web) design principles

  1. web design principles checklist, by virginia montecino, george mason university (undated)
  2. basic web design principles, university of michigan collaboration (undated)
  3. using graphic design principles in web design, by chris lewis, univ of colorado at boulder (2004)
  4. url's internet cafe web design features, by robin williams (undated)
  5. top 10 mistakes in web design 2005, by jakob nielsen (2005)
  6. top 10 mistakes in web design 2002 (with cartoons), by jakob nielsen (2002)
  7. ten good deeds in web design, by jakob nielsen (1999)
  8. the principles of design, by joshua david mcclurg-genevese (2005)
  9. art, design and visual thinking: principles of design, by charlotte jirousek, cornell university (1995)
  10. introduction to the principles of design, by jacci howard bear (undated)
  11. design notes: gestalt, by james t saw, palomar college (2005)
  12. principles of beautiful web design, by jason beaird (2007)
  13. interface design: user-centered design, by patrick lynch and sarah horton (2002-05)
  14. five principles of good web site design, by james r grunwald, martin luther college (2003)
  15. six interface design principles and tips every web designer should know, by collins (2009?)