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class meeting times and rooms:
Tuesdays 4.15pm-6.15pm, room 3212

course description:
This seminar will discuss fundamental topics in the field of Artificial Life, or "ALife", from an historical and technical perspective. The course will entail weekly readings of seminal and current journal articles and conference publications. Students will take turns presenting papers and leading discussions. In the latter half of the term, students will create a simulated ALife application and present their project in class. The main topics include:

This course satisfies the Computer Science 1-credit Seminar requirement.

Knowledge of an object-oriented program language (like C++ or Java). An introductory course in Artificial Intelligence would be helpful, but is not required (though students without this background may need to do some extra reading along the way).

There is no textbook for the class. Students will be provided each week with copies of articles to read, primarily from archival sources like the Journal of Artificial Life and the annual international ALife conference.

Students will be marked based on presenting two papers in class and leading discussion (50%), class participation (when not the discussion leader, 25%) and a final project and presentation (25%).