Dina Sokol

Prof. Dina Sokol
Department of Computer and Information Science
Brooklyn College of the City University of N.Y.

Office: 3209d Ingersoll Hall
E-mail: sokol AT sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-951-5000 ext. 2065

Research Areas: Algorithms design and analysis, Pattern Matching, Computational Biology, Data Compression Program Committe Membership: SPIRE 2008, CPM 2010, SPIRE 2011.

Courses - Fall 2019

Original Software -- Open Source

TRedD - Tandem Repeats Software

Funded by the NSF grant DB&I 0542751, we have developed software for locating tandem repeats, TRed, and a database of tandem repeats in the human genome, TRedD. Please visit our tandem server to read all about this, run the program, view repeats in the human genome, and obtain free source code.

Dictionary Matching Software

We developed 1D dictionary matching using small space with the compressed suffix tree as the underlying data structure.

Finding General Repeats via Smith-Waterman

An online interface, in conjuction with our DIMACS Educational Module, to illustrate the SW algorithm for finding repeats in an input sequence.


This graphical tool was developed in java for modeling tandem repeats in a chromosome.