Homework Assignments - CISC 1115

What to submit:

  1. Source code of your program (include a comment at the start as shown in Lab0.)
  2. Contents of input and output files (when applicable).
  3. Contents of output window -- For help, you can use these instructions (at the bottome of this page.)
  4. Memory Trace: a list of the variables in the program and the values they take on during program execution. If the list is long, a partial list is enough.
  5. Handcheck: the calculation that a human would do to solve the problem. This is used to check whether the program is logically working correctly.
    Note: You can type the memory trace and handcheck as a long comment at the end of your program.
Style is important! Be sure to include comments, to use meaningful variable names, and to properly INDENT.

How to Submit

Submit your homework BOTH by sending it as an attachment to the email address: prof.sokol.hw AT gmail.com AND as a hard copy on the due date in class, before class begins.

The subject should specify: CISC 1115 HW # Student name
You should attach all necessary files: source code, input, output, memory trace, hand check. You may type the handcheck info in the body of the email.

You may email questions about the homework. However, do not email to the same address that you submit to. Send email questions to my email address posted on my website. Be specific about the questions that you ask. For example, rather than saying "the program doesn't work," say when I compile, I get such and such error.

CodeLab exercises do not have to be submitted. When I login to CodeLab I can view your results.

Where to work on campus:

The main computer lab is located in the West End Building (WEB), at the far end of the athletic field, near the Ocean Avenue entrance to the campus. A C++ compiler is also available on some of the laptop computers in the Library and Library Cafe (ask at the front desk).

Saving Output to a File

a. Right click on the title bar of the output window console and choose Edit | Select All.
b. Right click on the bar again and choose Edit | Copy.
c. Open Notepad (right click on the desktop and select New | Text document).
d. In the new window, right-click and select Paste. Then select File | Save as to save and name the file. In the box labelled File name, type the name of the file.
It will automatically be given the extension .txt for plain ascii text.