B-Prolog Team's Solutions for ASP Competition 2013

# Benchmark Program Tools
N01 Permutation Pattern Matching ppm.pl CLP(FD)
N02 Valves Location Problem valve.pl CLP(FD)
N04 Connected Maximum-density Still Life life.pl CLP(FD)
N05 Graceful Graphs gracefulGraph.pl CLP(FD)
N06 Bottle Filling Problem bottlefilling.pl SAT
N07 Nomystery nomestery.pl tabling
N08 Sokoban sokoban.pl tabling
N09 Ricochet Robots ricochet.pl tabling
O10 Crossing minimization in layered graphs crossing.pl SAT
N11 Reachability reach.pl tabling
N12 Strategic Companies strategic.pl CLP(FD)
O13 Solitaire solitaire.pl tabling
O14 Weighted-Sequence Problem weightAssign.pl CLP(FD)
O15 Stable Marriage marriage.pl CLP(FD)
O16 Incremental Scheduling incSchedule.pl CLP(FD)

This is a collection of B-Prolog programs for the ASP Solver Competition 2013 written by the B-Prolog international team (members are Roman Bartak, Agostino Dovier, Marco Gavanelli, Christian Theil Have, Jia You, Yuanlin Zhang, and Neng-Fa Zhou). It is hoped that a direct comparison of B-Prolog and the cutting-edge ASP solvers will reveal both the strengths and weaknesses of B-Prolog and ASP solvers.

Each program starts with a comment that indicates the file name and authors, followed by an include directive for the common base library base.pl. The first predicate is named solve(L), where L is a list of atoms read from the input file, and the last predicate is named test,  which calls solve with a sample input list.