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The following are links to files containing source code foir the sample programs used during the in-class lectures. You may download a copy of these notes only if you are a registered student in my CIS 15 class. To download a file, RIGHT CLICK on the link and use the "Save Link Target As" feature of your browser.


Introductory Program - Bank Accounts

Sample input data file for Bank Accounts program

Chapter 7: Introduction to Classes and Objects

Using struct

Using class

All class

Member Functions

Member Functions - All class

Separate Compilation      Contestant.cpp      Contestant.h

Contestant Database      Contestant.cpp      Contestant.h

Contestant Database - All class      Contestant.cpp      Contestant.h     Name.cpp     Name.h     Job_info.cpp     Job_info.h     Personal_info.cpp     Personal_info.h

Constructor Demo

Overloading Constructors      Contestant.cpp      Contestant.h

Overloading Constructors Demo2      Contestant.cpp      Contestant.h

Destructor Demo

Input Validation      CharRange.cpp      CharRange.h

Sample input data file for Chapter 7 programs

Chapter 8: 2D Arrays; Arrays of Structures, Arrays of Classes

Two Dimensional Arrays

Array Of Structures

Array Of Structures with Constructors

Array Of Class Objects      Circle.h

Array Of Class Objects with Constructors      Circle.h

Sample input data file for Chapter 8 programs

Chapter 10: Pointers

Pointer to Address

Pointer Variable

pass by value

pass by pointer

pass by reference

Array Ptr 1

Array Ptr 2

Array Ptr 3

Ptr Param

Ptr Array Param

Ptr Arithmetic

Ptr Compare

Ptr To Constant

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Return Ptr

Ptr To Structure

Ptr To Class

Donations      DonList.cpp      DonList.h

Chapter 11: Advanced Class Definitions and OOP

this Example - main      ThisExample.cpp      ThisExample.h

Static Member Variables      budget.h

Static Member Functions      budget2.cpp      budget2.h

Friend Function      budget3.cpp      budget3.h      auxil.cpp      auxil.h

Default Copy Constructor

Deficient Copy Constructor      NumberArray.cpp      NumberArray.h

Programmer Copy Constructor      NumberArray2.cpp      NumberArray2.h

Overloaded Assignment Operator      overload.cpp      overload.h

Overlaoded Math and Relational Operators      feetinch4.cpp      feetinch4.h

Overloaded Insertion and Extraction Operators      feetinch5.cpp      feetinch5.h

Overloaded Bracket Operator      intarray.cpp      intarray.h

Conversion Operators      feetinch6.cpp      feetinch6.h

Convert Constructors      Convert.cpp      Convert.h

Object Composition

Inheritance      inheritance.h

Protected Member Inheritance      inheritance1.cpp      inheritance1.h

Order Of Execution

Passing Arguments To Base Class Constructors      inheritance2.cpp      inheritance2.h

Overriding Base Class Functions      inheritance3.cpp      inheritance3.h
Chapter 12: C-Strings and the C++ string Class

String Literals

Array Of Char

Dynamic Allocation


MyString Class      mystring.cpp      mystring.h

Chapter 13: Advanced File and I/O Operations

File Write Read

File Append

Output Formatting

sstream Formatting

Error Flags

getline      input file: murphy.txt

Rewind File

Multiple Files      input file: hownow.txt

Binary File      input file: nums.dat

Structure Record Write ReadA

tellg      input file: letters.txt

File Read And Write      input file: invtry.dat

Chapter 14: Recursion





Fibonacci Numbers

Binary Search

Quick Sort

Quick Sort Trace

Towers Of Hanoi

Enumerated Algorithm

Chapter 16: Exceptions; Templates; the STL

Throwing An Exception

Throwing An Exception Class      IntRange.h

Multiple Exceptions      IntRange2.h

Pass Info To Exception Handler      IntRange3.h

Function Templates

swap Function Template

Operators In Function Templates

Templates With Multiple Types

Overloading Function Templates

Class Templates      SimpleVector.h

Class Template Inheritance      SimpleVector.h      searchvect.h

Containers And Iterators

STL algorithms

STL for_each

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