CISC 2210                                                                                                                 Prof. C. Ziegler

Course Requirements


1. Discrete Mathematics, 5th ed., by - K. Ross & C. Wright, Prentice-Hall.


2. Copies of the lecture notes and audio lectures are available for download on Professor Ziegler's Web site for this course: Click Here.

Class Meetings:


            Attendance is an academic requirement. You are responsible for whatever is done in class, whether or not you attend. In particular, you are responsible for the timely submission of all homework assignments.

            While attending class, students are required to conduct themselves in an academically, professional manner. Students are expected to arrive on time. While in class, students are to maintain proper academic decorum by not engaging in talking with fellow classmates or other disruptive activities. Any student engaged in disruptive activities will be subject to academic discipline; including, lowering of their final grade and/or expulsion from the class.

            All Cell Phones and Beepers must be turned off before coming to class!


            Homework will be assigned from each chapter covered in the text. Solutions for the assigned problems are available on Professor Ziegler’s web site for this course. Audio review lectures for selected homework problems are also available there.

            Timely completion of assigned homework is essential for doing well in this class!

            Selected homework problems will be reviewed in class after each chapter is completed.


            There will be two full period examinations. Together, the exams will count for 60% of your grade.

Final Examination:

            There will be a cumulative final examination, which will count for 40% of your grade.

Course Grade:

            The exact mapping of weighted term average to alphabetic grade will be determined at the end of the semester by Professor Ziegler.