CISC 3345 Online Version                                                                                      Prof. C. Ziegler

Course Requirements - Online Version


Online courses are intended for students who are highly motivated and self-disciplined and capable of self-learning utilizing the course materials and resources made available to them.

Textbook & Lecture Notes:


1. Required Textbook: Data and Computer Communications, 9th ed. by - W. Stallings (Pearson /Prentice-Hall)


2. Reference Textbook: Computer Networking with Internet Protocols and Technology by - W. Stallings (Pearson /Prentice-Hall)

3. Copies of the lecture notes are available for download on Professors Ziegler's Web site.

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Class Meetings and Office Hours:

            Since this is an on-line version of the course, there are no formal class meetings. Students are responsible to keep pace with the assigned lecture material and readings on their own. In particular, students are responsible for the timely completion of all homework assignments.

            Professor Ziegler will maintain his regular, posted office hours in which students can meet with him in person. In addition, students can e-mail questions to Professor Ziegler ( about the lectures and homework assignments. All e-mail queries will be answered in a timely fashion. (This can take up to 72 hours or more.)


            Homework will be assigned from each chapter covered in the text. Solutions for the assigned problems are available on Professor Ziegler’s web site for this course.

            Timely completion of assigned homework is essential for doing well in this class!


            There will be two exams. Together, the exams will count for 60% of your grade. The two exams will be in-class (not on-line)! The date, time, and place of each of the two exams will be e-mailed to you as well as posted on Professor Ziegler’s web site for this course. Students must be able to come in person to take the examinations on the scheduled dates. There will be no make-up exams. A valid ID must be shown for entry to take each exam.

Final Examination:

            There will be a cumulative, in-class final examination, which will count for 40% of your grade. The date of the final examination will be posted.

Course Grade:

            The exact mapping of weighted term average to alphabetic grade will be determined at the end of the semester by Professor Ziegler.