Review for Final

You are responsible for the answers to the questions in the homeworks and labs. Many of the questions on the exam will be based on the labs.

You should know the following concepts and terms:

General background / Data representation

Windows (you will probably not be tested on this directly, but you should certainly know these!)

Networking and the Internet

Web pages and HTML

Programming and Algorithms

Searching for Information

History of Computer Science
You should be familiar with the contributions of these people:

and also know what these refer to:

An interesting video on the history of computer science



Limits of Computation

Security and Encryption

Sample Questions

NOTE: These questions are only samples. The questions on the exam may be different, and may cover other topics from the list above.

  1. Short answer questions

    1. What does a compiler do?

    2. What is the purpose of a variable?

    3. What is the difference between the statements below?
      a) alert(number); b) alert('number');

    4. What is the difference between the statements below?
      a) alert("number"); b) prompt("number");

    5. What is the difference between document.bgColor and document.fgColor ?

    6. How does an image rollover work?

    7. Why is it difficult to design a computer program that will always win at playing chess?

    8. What is the Halting Problem?

    9. What is the difference between an infeasible problem and a non-computable problem?

  2. Explain a web page containing a script

    Be prepared to look at the html for a web page and draw a picture of what gets displayed on the page, and explain what happens when buttons are pushed.

  3. Write the code for a script

    Be prepared to write a complete Web page containing a script to accomplish a simple task:


    1. Write the code to display one button on the web page. The button should say "Push me". When the button is pushed, a message should appear saying "Ouch!"

    2. Write a simple script that asks for a person's name and then produces a message that says "Hello Jane" (or whatever the name is)

    3. (Similar to problem above, but uses a textbos) Write the code for a Web page that contains a textbox that allows the user to type in his name. There is also a button that says "Press Here". When the button is pressed, a message appears that says "Hello Jane" (or whatever the user's name is)

    4. Write a page that allows a user to enter a color and will change the background color accordingly.