"Handout" for this class.

CISC 1001 - Computing: Its Nature, Power and Limits

  • Please do your homework in notepad or an equivalent plain text editor. Attach your homework to an email to nethw5@sci.brooklyn.cuny.edu . In the subject put "submitting homework number name" (without the quotes). For "number" put the correct number. For example, this week it is 1. For "name" put your name. You will receive an acknowledgement email. Keep it.
  • Please know what log2 is. You do not need to know how to calculate it.
  • Some classes may be done online. You may work from home or from one of the labs in school.
  • Please read chapter 10 handout in preparation for lecture 9 and lab 9.
  • Put your buttons, textboxes and links inside the <body> but outside the <script>.
  • Lab/HW 14 (and all other HW's) must be submitted during Lab 14
  • FINAL Good Luck!
  • Review everything! Practice writing HTML and JavaScript on paper. If you did the work and you know the material, you should do well on your final. Good Luck.
Eva Cogan