Course Days Times Location
CIS 1.0M 3.30pm - 4.45pm 130 New Ingersoll
CIS 1.0W 3.30pm - 4.45pm 135 New Ingersoll


David Reed A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science, ISBN 013046709X (paperback) Prentice Hall

We've ordered the book at the college bookstore. You can see it on Amazon, and read some reviews by students who have used it.


This course is an Introduction to Computer Science, and is equivalent to the lower-tier Core CC 3.12 (covers basically the same material, gives the same number of credits, and counts for your Core requirement in CIS or math).

We will cover the basics of computer hardware and software, and teach you a little programming.

The course is one of a number of "flavored" offerings of this material, with the flavor being provided by the context (meaning the kind of examples and homework exercises). This particualr section will have a flavor of biomedical and biologically-inspired computing. Thus our context will include topics like genome sequence analysis, electronic patient records and artificial life.

You can find more detail on what we will cover on the syllabus page.

Finally, here are some hints for how to succeed in CIS 1.0.