If you don't already know, the final is on Thursday 21st December at 1pm in 113 New Ingersoll (just up the corridor from where we met for class).

The final batch of notes, for Unit G are posted.


The first lab for Unit C is now online. I have uploaded a new version of the lab notes, with a (hopefully) less ambiguous description for step 2

The submission date for the Unit B homework has changed.

The new date is October 11 (one week later).


Initial information on Unit C added, and linked to the syllabus and schedule pages.

The examples from class today are on the page for Unit C.


Added revised notes for class B3

Added notes on Using ZIP


Major revision of the website; now has a lot more detail on the individual units.

The syllabus page gives the overall structure of the units, while the schedule page shows how the units are organised into lectures and labs.

There is a page for each unit, from which you can download the lecture notes, the laboratory exercises, and the background readings.


First version of the website is up. Still a bit rough, but at least you can download the lecture notes and get an idea of how the semester will unfold.


Welcome to the course.