All the noets are up on the syllabus page now; I sorted out the problem with the figures (well I found new versions that didn't crash ghostscript :-).

The fourth homework is also now up on homework page.

This homework is due on the 7th December, which doesn't give you much time to complete it.

If you hand it in on the 7th then I'll mark it before the class on the 12th and you get to know how well you can do this stuff (which might well appear on the final). Alternatively, you can hand it in on the 12th, but then you won't get it marked before the final.

The choice is yours.


In an early class, we mentioned the DARPA Grand Challenge; the task of navigating a robot 200 miles or so across the desert to a specific location, autonomously naturally.

This year, a team from Stanford won the challenge, and the leader of the team, Sebastian Thrun, will be talking about the work at Columbia on Monday 14th November.

If anyone wants details of the talk, email me and I'll pass them on.


The third homework is now up on the homework page.

We are now up to date with lectures notes posted on the syllabus page.


The second homework is now up on the homework page.

I know this is short notice, and as a result, I'll accept homework that is handed in late.

However, if you want me to mark the homework and give it back before the midterm, you'll have to hand it in on the 11th (there just aren't enough class days otherwise).


The driver for the Lego USB tower is posted on the projects page.


Information on the first project is up on the projects page, and now you have the robots, you can start work on this.

As I'm sure everyone knows :-), homework #1 is due on Wednesday.

Homework #2 will be posted shortly.


The first homework is up over on the homework page.

The schedule says it is due *next* Wednesday, the 28th, so I haven't changed the date; if we let it slide we'll be into mid-October by the time you get it back, what with all the holidays and all.


Welcome to the course.