The final notes have been uploaded.


In an early class, we mentioned the DARPA Grand Challenge; the task of navigating a robot 200 miles or so across the desert to a specific location, autonomously naturally.

This year, a team from Stanford won this, and the leader of the team, Sebastian Thrun, will be talking about the work at Columbia on Monday 14th November.

If anyone wants details of the talk, email me and I'll pass them on.


Posted the notes from the last two lectures.


Headline news i sthat you do not need to bring on the robots this week.

As you can see from the practicals page, I have rejigged things so that we spend the next practical (next week) working on the Sumo again.

Let's try to get everyone to a point where they can take part in the competition.


The instructions for the second practical exercise are posted on the The practicals page

Slides from the classes are also now up to date.


I managed to move the class to a larger room, 6421.

This will be big enough for us to do the work with the Lego robots, but not big enough for the work with the AIBOs (because there are only a few of us, the GC won't give us a bigger room for every week).

So the AIBO work will be in the Science Center.


Welcome to the course.