Notes and Reading - Lecture #8

Lecture #8 looked at planning and navigation.


Notes are available in two formats:


The lecture covered material from Chapter 6 of the textbook. Read through this.

Since we are using the Bug algorithms in the practical work, here are the original papers on the subject:

V. Lumelsky and T. Skewis Incorporating range sensing in the robot navigation function, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 20(5), 1058-1069 , 1990.
V. Lumelsky and A. Stepanov: Dynamic path planning for a mobile automaton with limited information on the environment. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, AC-31, 1058-1063, 1986.
V. Lumelsky and A. Stepanov: Path planning strategies for a point mobile automaton moving amidst unknown obstacles of arbitrary shape. Algorithmica, Volume 2, 403-430, 1987. PDF from a version that was republished in Autonomous Robot Vehicles, pages 363-390, 1990.
Thanks to Val for finding the first of these, and, by doing so, suggesting that I track the papers down.